September 20, 2023
Professional power tool solutions


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Services We Provide

We offer a range of services and expertise essential in the construction of new building or modifications to existing plants

Tools & Accesories

We provide genuine tools with 1 year warranty and accessories.


You can take consultancy service from our team so that you can choose the quality products with us.

Spare Parts & Repair Maintenance

If you need any parts or repair service we can also provide you with affordable price and warranty time period.

Online Warranty Registration

The Metabo 1 year warranty

If a machine purchased after march 2021 is registered within 4 weeks, Kusum Engineering Enterprises & Traders grants an extended warranty of 1 years, also starting with the date of purchase of the machine to the end user/customer.

Registration can be effected exclusively online at and can be done by the customer themselves. The customer will receive the 1 year warranty confirmation by email or can print it immediately. This confirmation is always relates specifically to one machine.

When tendering a warranty claim, the 1 year warranty confirmation or the registration printout has to accompany the sales receipt illustrating the date of sale.

Declaration of warranty

Manufacturer’s declaration of warranty

Notwithstanding statutory requirements, Metabo provides warranty in accordance with the legislation of the customer’s own country of residence, but in all cases for a minimum of 1 year, commencing from the date on which the tool/machine is sold to the end user.

The warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship only.

When making a claim under the warranty, the original proof of purchase bearing the date of purchase must be submitted. The repairs under warranty may only be carried out by Metabo’s own service stations, or authorised Metabo warranty service agents.

Excluded from the warranty are:

  • incorrect use, overloading of the machine (example: use of jigsaw in pallet construction), or fitting non-approved accessories
  • use of force, damage caused by external influences or foreign bodies such as sand or stones
  • damage caused by non-observance of the instructions for use such as connection to an unsuitable mains supply or voltage or non-compliance with the installation instructions
  • normal wear

The warranty also does not cover tools/machines, which have been partially or completely dismantled.